Types of  Volunteers

Residential Volunteering
On the property of Refilwe we have capacity to house 7 female volunteers and 5 male volunteers. These are individuals from either international or local who are staying for an extended period of time investing in one of our programs. We charge a small fee for upkeep. It is self catering housing. We desire to make your expreince a fun one, so we do volunteer outings and experiences together. If you’re interested please contact volunteers@refilwe.org with information on your desired time of stay, program interest, and any questions you have.

Local Volunteering
We hope to connect volunteers from the surrounding communities to build relationships with the community around Refilwe. South Africans getting to know South Africans. We want to help you understand our community. We know that you lead very busy lives, but hope to have programs that would encourage your skills and help you to feel connected.

Opportunities to Volunteer

Ithuteng After-Care

Ithuteng runs from 14:30-17:30 Monday through Friday and is always in need of volunteers to assist with homework help and tutoring for the average of 90 children and youth. On Fridays we focus our efforts on the Bible Study for all in attendance. We hope for committed individuals to be consistent in giving their time to build relationships with the children of Ithuteng and empower them to be strong individuals.

Refilwe After-Care

Refilwe Aftercare serves the foster children in our God Parent program Monday-Friday from 15:30-17:30. The Foster program serves a smaller group of children, with more individualized care.  We encourage educational needs and spiritual needs through homework help time and Bible Studies throughout the week. We hope for committed volunteers to build relationships with our foster children over an extended period of time.  We are also in need of educators able to assist with Secondary educational needs.

Kids Club

Kids Club is on Saturday mornings from 8:30 to 13:00 with the average of 100 kids from the surrounding Lanseria communities. Here we enjoy the company of each other in the presence of Christ. It’s a time of free play, worship, Bible story, and small group time.  Not to mention the nutritious meal at the end to make the weekend stomach grumbles a little less. It is a place to feel safe and loved by each person who attends. Kids Club is designed for discipleship and building of relationships. We encourage individuals to commit to once a month or term to come and build relationship with our kids on a Saturday.  It’s a great opportunity to come out as a family.

Holiday Club

Holiday Clubs run on the government school holidays from 8:30-15:30 during a certain week of each holiday. We utilize our teens as specialized volunteers for our children as team leaders, kitchen and water crew, and station leaders.  We need dedicated individuals that would be willing to give the majority of their week to either running a station or assisting with one of the many roles and responsibilities it takes to organize an average of 130 children and 45 teens. In 2016 our Holiday Club programs run; March 28th-April 1st, July 4th-July 9th (Teen Club), July 11th-July 18th, and October 3rd-8th (Talent Show on Friday).


The Preschool runs Monday-Friday 7:30-14:30. The nature of preschool work is easily disrupted, so we ask for volunteers to commit to at least 3 months serving at least twice a week.  We are hopeful for individuals to volunteer their time as support staff to the teacher or kitchen staff.  Educators and their resources, young or old, also would encourage us. We are open to internships through Universities.

Baby Home

Our Baby Home is open 24/7 with Aunties working around the clock to ensure the best care for our babies on the road to adoption. To safeguard their attachment we are looking for individuals that would dedicate at least 4 months coming at least 2 times a week for the 7:00-18:00 shift.