Refilwe Nursery

Our skills development programme received an exciting new re-boot in July 2014, when Sue Frye joined the Refilwe team and now heads up this programme.

Sue brings to Refilwe many years of experience running a nursery and is now running ours. You may contact Sue on 084 228 0993

To place an order for either Vermicast or plants please email Sue at

Our nursery programme comprises trees, shrubs, ground-cover and flowers which are grown onsite, from seeds and seedlings. The process we use enables us to teach our staff employed in this program the full cycle of plant growth and maintenance, equipping them for a variety of horticultural careers. Staff are also able to participate in landscaping projects, market days and encouraged to develop their business skills. Many of our plants are used in landscaping around our own site, as well as at partner NPOs where we provide a landscaping service.

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Refilwe Vermicast (Worm Farm)

Our worm farm produces organic vermicast, which is used throughout the Refilwe site as well as sold to the public and in bulk to various businesses. The vermicast produced is very rich in nutrients, thus eliminating the need for chemical fertilisers. We also are able to help you set up your very own ‘worm farm in a box’ to turn your domestic kitchen waste into valuable fertilizer. The men involved in this project learn the full cycle of worm farming during their time with us.


Refilwe Fruit Orchard

This year our fruit orchard has been managed by one of the young men in our Independent Living Program. He has learned valuable skills, not only in the horticultural field but also in business, in work ethics, and in the importance of planning ahead. Branching out beyond fruit trees, he has shown initiative in planting vegetables and selling them to the residents of Refilwe and beyond. Fruit produced by the orchard is typically made into jam at the end of the year and sold to support the work of Refilwe.



The Rotary Sponsored Industrial Kitchen at Refilwe serves a number of purposes, from providing our preschoolers with 3 healthy meals a day, serving a delicious supper to visiting volunteer groups, and providing a professional environment for members of our independent living program to acquire skills. The older teens and young adults in this programme will be trained in basic catering, as well as healthy and nutritional cooking for themselves and their families. Our dream is to expand this program to members of the local community by running short training courses, and we are in the process of searching for a qualified teaching chef to supervise the new programme.


Fledgling Programmes:


Having identified a number of qualified but unemployed seamstresses in our area, we plan to educate them in marketing and sales, enabling them to either start their own businesses, or be more desirable employees in the work force. We are currently doing market research to ensure profitability of this business, and sustainability for the employees.



Currently we are focusing on the production of garden boxes made from pallet wood, which combine our nursery, worm farm and carpentry programmes, and make a wonderful addition to any home and garden. As the skill of our carpenter increases, we will be expanding into furniture and additional products, primarily using the very popular pallet wood.