About us



Our vision at Refilwe Community Project is to be an organization which, through the love of Jesus Christ, seeks to provide the best possible care to children in order to break the cycle of poverty and to empower the parents & individuals to become sustainable: spiritually, socially, emotionally and materially.

• To provide a loving Christian family environment for the orphaned and vulnerable children through the God Parent Program
• To assist our surrounding communities in providing their children opportunities to thrive spiritually, socially, emotionally and materially
• To promote small business development to strengthen families in our community through community programs
• To generate income to support the work of Refilwe
• To model Christian lifestyle (respect, integrity, responsibility, accountability, work ethic) to the children of Refilwe
• To provide potential job opportunities to them through site endeavors


• • Appoint a full- time Social Worker to provide holistic counseling and training to our children and families.
• With appropriate resources, increase the number of children benefiting from the Godparent programme to 48.
• Increase the capacity of El Roi Baby Home to 20 babies.
• Strengthen our relationship with the local communities and schools.
• Increase our ECD outreach programme to 25 schools that we assist with training and resources.
• Further develop of our Independent Living programme.
• Start a learnership college for adult of our community to train them to be skill and employable.
• Start the LEGO robotics Mindstorm programme with children aged 12-14 years old.

In the Beginning

Refilwe Community Project was founded in 1991 by Jean Stewart and Yvonne Jacques as a Christian Based Community Development initiative to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ among poor people in the Lanseria area. Jean, a professional nurse and Yvonne a Pastor started the health care clinic in order to assist and help meet the needs of the poor people in Lanseria.

From 1991 to 2005 they established a primary health care clinic which incorporated home based care and tuberculosis management programmes, a hospice, a school and a shelter for abandoned children. This was done with the help of numerous sponsors and donors.

Refilwe has developed a strong focus on child care, community care and skills development since 2005. Today the Refilwe Community is a multi-focused registered Non-Profit and Public Benefit Organisation serving many of the communities in Lanseria.

The core purpose and motivation of Refilwe has not changed since the small beginnings at Drummond. After 23 years we made the move from the rather “hand to mouth” mode of the early years, with its informal structures and processes, to a formal management structure with appropriate policies and procedures as required for good corporate governance, compliant to the Companies Act and other legislation.